Video Bio's

Personal Video Bio's are rapidly taking the place of text bios on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and an ever increasing number of other business and personal social media sites. With a short 60 to 120 second video you can easily tell everyone who you are, what you've accomplished, and give them a real sense of your personality as well.

Call us to schedule your video bio shoot, and one of our videographers will step you through the process of defining your message (script) and setup a time for the shoot. You can select an introduction screen from the examples below, and whether you want your name, or name and title to appear on the introduction screen.

At the scheduled time your videographer will come to your location and use up to 25 minutes of camera time to capture you delivering your message.

The following day you will be send a link to download your Video Bio, with your name and title (if you want) on your selection of background.

Included in the download link will be your bio pre-formated for the most popular sites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

A standard MP4 format video will also be available for uploading to other sites. The bio will remain available on our servers for 7 days, and you should ensure that you download the bio to your own computer within the 7 days.

Your videographer can also provide guidance on how to upload your bio to each of the most popular sites.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the compliments!
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Introduction Screens - click image to view examples.

Sample Background Screens

Preparing for your Video Bio.
If you keep the following points in mind when planning what you want to say and deliver it, the final result will be a lot more effective. Take some time to practice delivering your message to family or friends and watch their reaction as you are speaking. Often their body language will tell you whether your message and delivery are good, or need some further refinement.

  • Know Your Message - A video bio is not a video resume listing all your experience and credentials, Rather, it's an opportunity to demonstrate your thought leadership, your point-of-view, and to communicate what you believe and how you deliver value.

  • In today's world of 140 character Tweets, 6 second Vine's and ever shorter attention span's, it's important to limit your video bio to between 1 to 3 minutes. Say what you want, but dont waste a second!

  • Quality rather than quantity is the mantra here. Rather than multiple average quality video postings, one high-quality video bio with great content, perfect lighting and crisp sound wins out every time!

  • Dress for the occasion. Reflect your personal brand while being relevant to those you expect to watch your video. Stay away from clothes with stripes, prints or busy patterns as they often don't look right in video. Plus it's important to not wear any green clothes for filming.

  • Be yourself - exude your personality, but don't come off as stiff or rehearsed. Your video bio provides an oppertunity for you to build emotional connections with your viewers, and you do that by letting people get to know the real you.

What to do once you have it
Distribution of your video bio is the most important step, since there little point in having one if you don't share it with current and prospective peers. Post your bio to multiple video sites, including your own web site, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo. Make your video part of your LinkedIn profile or blog. Be sure that the sites to which you choose to post your video are targeting a relevant audience.
Here at GW Video Services we specialize in all types of video for the web, and have crafted cost-effective, engaging video solutions that sell, communicate, educate and entertain. From the simplest, shortest video clip to the most complex high-end content, our creative professionals at GW Video Services are ready to take you or your companies messaging to the next level!
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