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Today, the majority of product research takes place online before a potential buyer ever connects with a salesperson. The use of Video in Marketing offers a proven way for companies to communicate their message quickly and in a way that establishes an emotional connection with the customer. Using video supports your other efforts to promote your product, service, belief, or in some cases, an idea. It is by far the most effective means of converting a visitor browsing into a buyer who makes a decision right there while on your site. Study after study has shown that a well-produced video will engage visitors on a deeper, more emotional level than text or still images alone, and is more than 3 or 4 times as likely to lead to what you, your company or organization would consider a positive step - making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, signing a petition, etc.

Marketing videos come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Sometimes a direct feature / benefit approach works best, or you might rely on customer testimonials, while other products might demand a more technical approach with animation that simplifies a complex explanation.

We know that your company or organization is unique, with it's own story to tell, and we can work with you (or your agency) to find the best way to use video to market and sell your offerings.


Considering Video for the first time.
If you keep the following points in mind the final video will be a lot more effective in delivering your message, or positioning your product.

  • Is this a product, service, concept or call to arms? - If it's a product you are focusing on, then the majority of your video should reflect your sales pitch on features, benefits and positioning.

  • In today's world of 140 character Tweets, 6 second Vine's and ever shorter attention span's, it's important to remain focused in delivering your message. Define the key points you want to address, but nothing more.

  • Consider how your video‚Äôs should be placed within your web site. If they are hard to find they may be ignored.

Distribution of your marketing video is the most important step, since there little point in having one if you don't share it with your intended audience. Post the video to both your own web site, and to the top video sharing sites such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo. Be sure that the sites to which you choose to post your video are targeting a relevant audience.
Here at GW Video Services we specialize in all types of video for the web, and have crafted cost-effective, engaging video solutions that sell, communicate, educate and entertain. From the simplest, shortest video clip to the most complex high-end content, our creative professionals at GW Video Services are ready to take you or your companies messaging to the next level!
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