Creating Memoirs - How it is done.

Process - A great Memoir is created by following a specific process, and at GW Video Services we want to make that process as easy and enjoyable as possible. The following steps outline our process, and we suggest you review them if you are considering a Memoir.

  • Introductory Meeting is the first step. We setup a short, no obligation preparation meeting.

    During this meeting we will talk to you about your motivations for wanting to record your stories, or those of a loved one, and we will answer any questions you have. This helps us understand your goals, plus helps you get to know us. If we decide to work together on a Memoir, an Information Gathering meeting will be scheduled.

  • Information Gathering allows us to discuss your life and stories, and to build a general sense of the important people and events in your life. We will ask about pictures that you might want to include, plus any home video that may exist.

    After the Information Gathering meeting, we take the information gathered and create an outline of your life. We use this outline to guide the questions we ask during the recording sessions.

  • Recording Session - We will bring two video cameras, audio recording equipment, lighting and microphones to the recording session, and then guide you through the recording of your stories in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Many people find this to be very satisfying knowing their stories are being recored for all time.

  • Editing takes place in our facilities, and is where we remove the voice of the videographer, and your stories are placed into a chronological timeline. Music to complement your story and personality is woven throughout, along with personal and any optional archival pictures.

  • Delivery is where we deliver the finished product to you. Generally we will deliver either 3 standard DVD’s, or 3 high-definition Blue-Ray discs plus an electronic copy for your computer. If you need additional DVD’s or Blue-Ray disc, or a combination of both media’s they can be ordered from your videographer.

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