Everyone has a story that is begging to be saved!

Take a few moments and think about the friends and family from your past who are no longer with you.

Now think about your own life, and ask yourself how you can make sure your stories are passed on for future generations.

At GW Video Services, our videographers can capture your personality and character through stories, thoughts, and future guidance, with pictures and home video’s. With a little creative magic, we can then present it in an engaging DVD, Blue-Ray or online format for family, friends and future generations to enjoy, and establish their own connection back to you.

What is a Memoir?

In it’s simplest form, a memoir is a personal account of stories and events from your life, and how those stories and events have influenced you. Memoirs can include stories about childhood, parents, grandparents, and the things you did back then. Typically they include education, career, personal interests, and the things, about people, friends and family you have loved.

Using your own voice, or other friends and family, a video memoir captures not only the stories, but more importantly, your own personality.

At GW Video Services, we can guide you or a loved one in a stress-free manner through this process from start to end, ensuring a superior quality memoir for future generations.

Types of Memoirs

  • Personal Memoirs capture the life stories or a single person, and weaves them together into a unique portrait. Whether it’s for you, or a parent, grandparent or friend, this is the most common type of memoir.
  • Family Memoirs have more than one person telling stories, such as a spouse or parents or even children. Often family members participate together and deliver a shared story.
  • Guidance Memoirs have no legal status, but are an established tradition allowing participants to deliver your values, beliefs, lessons learned, and your hopes and dreams to your loved ones. This is a wonderful way to share your experience and wisdom.

Why create a Memoir?

It’s fun, and rewarding to tell your stories, and your family will enjoy watching the completed Memoir on the TV or computer.
History - perhaps you had the experience of immigrating to the United States, or maybe you lived through the Great Depression, or fought in a foreign war. Whatever your experience, you have life stories to tell, and they could be lost unless your preserve them. You can pass on your stories and experiences by producing a Memoir. The people who love you will be grateful that you did!
Remember that you are the descendant of parents, grandparents, and generations of ancestors, and possibly will be the ancestor of children, grandchildren and generations of descendants. Personal stories are a key part of each generation’s history and passing on your knowledge of family history and life stories help preserve this knowledge for future generations.


Many of our other video services, such as Bio’s can be delivered the next business day, but Memoirs are unique and special, so they take a little longer to create and deliver.
Our basic Memoirs with limited pictures can be edited and delivered within 72 hours, but complex full-life (“enhanced”) Memoirs with many pictures and home video’s may take up to 5 business days to produce.

Incorporating your pictures and home video’s, along with archival pictures can greatly improve the Memoir, and GW Video Services can assist with scanning pictures and converting home video’s into the appropriate digital formats. Your videographer can provide guidance on whether your existing digital media is appropriate for use, and suggestions on how to proceed with other content. If necessary, we can also assist in scanning your pictures, plus converting home videos into a digital format.

Here at GW Video Services we specialize in all types of video for the web, and have crafted cost-effective, engaging video solutions that sell, communicate, educate and entertain. From the simplest, shortest video clip to the most complex high-end content, our creative professionals at GW Video Services are ready to take you or your companies messaging to the next level!
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